IWECT Business Fort Worth Construction Picking Up Speed After the Pandemic

Fort Worth Construction Picking Up Speed After the Pandemic

As the shroud of the pandemic lifts, construction company fort worth is picking up speed on projects that were paused or stalled during the epidemic. In downtown Fort Worth, a number of high-profile renovations and new buildings are starting to take shape, with the potential to re-energize this historically vibrant city.

One of the more visible resurgences is the $53 million Hemphill Street Connector, which opened this spring. This 1.1-mile project provides improved access between downtown and the city’s near southside. The complex roadway was constructed by McCarthy Building Companies Inc. of Dallas, and had a unique design challenge: It had to span four Union Pacific railroad tracks.

Building Communities: Fort Worth Construction Projects That Matter

Another ongoing Fort Worth construction project involves the rerouting of utilities and stormwater lines to make way for the Army Corps of Engineers’ Panther Island flood control project. The work is slated to start in August and wrap up by October, according to the project manager. The relocations will impact Calhoun and North Commerce streets and 8th Avenue, primarily around the site of the future rerouted Trinity River channel, which is expected to form a new island that city leaders envision developing into a tourist destination like San Antonio’s River Walk.

Also on the list of upcoming fort worth construction is a multi-year expansion of the Fort Worth Convention Center. The first phase, slated to begin in August, will add state-of-the-art food and beverage facilities, demolish an outdated 1983 annex and increase the center’s loading docks from seven to 11. It is part of a 20-year plan to expand the facility.

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