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After the tragic death of Barnard student Grace Gold who was killed when she was struck by a piece of terra cotta masonry falling from the facade of a building, Local Law 10 of 1979 established New York City’s Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP). FISP requires hands-on inspections of street-facing facades of buildings that are six stories or more. During a FISP inspection, the qualified exterior wall inspector (QEWI) examines the facade from ground level to roof or the top of a fire escape balcony or mezzanine.Check this out :https://www.kkforges.com.sg/facade-inspection-singapore

The QEWI evaluates the condition of the facade, including but not limited to the following:

When the QEWI conducts a hands-on inspection of the facade, the report must be submitted within 90 days after the hands-on inspection. The QEWI must also identify any unsafe conditions in the technical report and indicate whether or not repairs require a Department-issued work permit and post a weather-resistant tag on each affected section of the facade. In addition, the QEWI must maintain a record of inspection and repair histories for the facade. The QEWI can access this information through eCLIPSE. This helps the QEWI determine the best approach to each inspection and plan future maintenance for the building.

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