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The 18 Inch Dog LeashThe 18 Inch Dog Leash

If you live in a busy area, have a dog that pulls on walks, or want to control your dog more closely on crowded trails or public areas, an 18 inch dog leash can help you keep a better grip. These longer-length leashes offer more slack to stop your dog from running out into traffic, and they can also be used for recall training sessions. These multi-function leashes can be configured to suit a variety of situations and can be used as a car leash or waist belt leash, as well as converted into a double dog leash, hitch, or 6-foot training leash. Read more

Short and Sweet: The Benefits of an 18-Inch Dog Leash for Precise Control

This sturdy leash is made with a durable half-inch-thick nylon construction that resists rips and tears, and your dog may have trouble chewing through it unless they’re a determined chewer. It has a strong swivel-style clip that prevents twisting, and the padded neoprene handle is comfortable to hold. This leash can be used in six configurations, and it also includes a locking carabiner attachment to keep the leash from accidentally disconnecting.

This high-quality, heavy-duty leash is designed for powerful dogs, with a thick 1″ wide nylon webbing that can withstand even the strongest pulling and a large neoprene foam handle to give you more control over your dog. It features a quality metal clasp and reflective stitching for safety. The leash is available in a variety of lengths, and there is an additional d-ring near the handle to clip poop bags or other accessories.