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Car Park Deck Coating

Car Park Deck Coating

The different decks of a multi-story Car Park Deck Coating experience a diverse range of challenges from punishing weather exposure on top decks to hydrostatic pressure in basement decks. Whether your car park is new or old, a variety of waterproofing and wearing systems can be applied to deliver efficient and lasting results.

Choosing the right resin system is critical to protecting your car park’s surface and providing an enduring surface for vehicle use. Polyurethane deck coatings are ideal for traffic and heavy-duty areas of a parking garage because they provide an extremely durable surface that’s highly resistant to impact damage, severe abrasion, chemical penetration, and UV radiation. Our systems also offer an excellent slip resistance to enhance traction and safety, making them perfect for areas of a car park where vehicles will be moving at high speeds, such as ramps and tight turning spaces.

Seal and Shine: The Essentials of Car Park Deck Coating for Lasting Protection

Waterproofing and protective membranes are critical for car park flooring, as they protect the structural slab from moisture-related deterioration. Our high-performance resin systems create an impenetrable barrier that helps to prevent water damage by preventing its ingress into the concrete and protecting it from cracking, spalling and corrosion.

Our heavy-duty MMA car park deck coatings are odor and solvent free, with colour stability and UV resistance to maintain their integrity over time. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces including concrete, asphalt and pavers, and will withstand the heaviest loads without cracking or degrading. They are also able to expand and contract with the concrete underneath it, so they can bridge shrinkage cracks and withstand movement in the substrate.

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