IWECT blog Must-See Destinations in Iceland

Must-See Destinations in Iceland

MustSee Destinations in Iceland

From geysers and volcanoes to waterfalls and fjords, natural wonders are everywhere in this Must-See Destinations in Iceland nation which sits at the edge of the Arctic Circle. And while many of these sights are found in the country’s lively capital of Reykjavik, there’s much more to see outside of the city limits.

The best places to visit in Iceland are often the ones that are least crowded, especially when they’re in the midst of peak season. Take advantage of this by visiting these lesser-known destinations during the off-season and you’ll be rewarded with fewer tourists and more of nature’s glory.

Glymur Waterfall

Located in the remote east of Iceland, Glymur is one of the country’s tallest waterfalls and it’s surrounded by beautiful mountains and a glacier. This is a popular destination for hikers and there are many hiking trails around the waterfall, but you can also admire it from the top of the mountain.

Dettifoss Waterfall

The mighty waterfall of Dettifoss is so powerful that it has earned the title of “Europe’s most powerful waterfall.” This is a stunning sight to behold, and it’s even more impressive on a sunny day.

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

This region has so much to offer, and it is one of the best places to visit in Iceland if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure vacation. While the famous Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall are certainly here, you can also climb volcanoes, explore lava tubes, visit black sand beaches, and more.

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