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Email Validation With PHP

email validation with PHP

Email validation is a critical step in every email campaign. It helps you remove worthless addresses and keep your mailing list in peak condition.

The easiest and safest way to check that emails are valid is by using a email validation with PHP function called filter_var(). This function is predefined in PHP and is very easy to use. It takes a value as an input and then returns a boolean value based on the type of filter it uses to validate.

This boolean value can be used to decide whether to print an error message or not on the output. In this case, if the email address does not match the format provided by RFC 822 then it will print an error message.

Email Validation with PHP: Best Practices for Accurate Data Collection and Improved User Experience

Another important step in this process is sanitizing the email addresses by removing all characters that are not allowed in the format of an email address. This can be done by using the filter_var() function along with a preg_match() function which searches a string for patterns, returning true if it matches and false if it does not.

Lastly, you can use the filter_var() function with the FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL function to ensure that the value that you have passed to it is indeed an e-mail address. If the e-mail is not valid, this function will return a message with a re-send button that you can use to re-enter the email and send it again.

Email verification is an essential part of any web application that requires user verification before they can use the application. Laravel makes it very easy to implement this feature with its built-in email verification features that scaffold all of the necessary authentication and verification views for your application.

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